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Who does the CUE serve? I know that one of the main groups is First Generation students; if I do not fit into that category, will I still be able to find assistance at the CUE?  What about if I am White identified?  Is this a place for just students of color?

The CUE Center is open everyone. We welcome ALL students from all backgrounds and experiences and our services are free to CU students, faculty and staff.  Additionally, the CUE is a safe-zone: a place where anyone can receive support and advocacy, connect with opportunities, and build community where your individual identities are respected, valued and celebrated!

The CUE emphasizes cutural unity and social justice in our core work and in our mission.  To this end, all cultures play an important role in addressing societal inequities, whether the focus is on race, gender, class, etc.

Can your center help me connect with other students similar to myself who are having a difficult time adjusting to this new environment (college campus)?

Transitions can be a both exciting and scary.  The CUE can be your next home away from home!  We have a number of students who stop in just to find a quiet space to unwind from the campus whirlwind.  We also have a great group of student staff who want to talk to you about how to navigate through the many opportunities and information maze at CU.  Often, our students have made friendships and connections from shared interests and commonalities through attending the various events that we put on.  We encourage you to stop in and talk to one of our CUE staff members if you have questions or would like to connect with others.

Is the CUE a student group? Can your center connect me with student groups that focus on social justice, multiculturalism, and diversity?

The CUE is not a student group, but rather a resource and advocacy center for all students, with a focus on students of color and diverse constituencies.  However, students that come into our Center can speak to a CUE staff and we will be able to help you find the student groups that match your interests.  Many of our staff are also student group advisors or liaisons with various different departments, campus groups and local community organizations that we'd be more than happy to conect you to.


I am struggling in my classes and feel lost and overwhelmed with school. Can your center provide me with someone to talk to and help me get back on track for school?

We have advisors that would love to help you get back on track with school and who can also guide you in your process of personal and academic exploration.  In our Center, we have multiple study rooms that you can check out to study in as well as an open student lounge that is for everyone to use.  If needed, our advisors will work with you to find a tutor to help you do well in school.  Additionally, we have an Arts and Sciences academic advisor in our office with “walk-in” hours that can assist you.  Please check out events page for the dates and times available.

What kind of different events does the CUE put on for students?

We provide various workshops films, and bring keynote speakers throughout the year, from building your diversity awareness, to finding the best way to study, and how to get involved with study abroad — just to name a few. Also, we have a “Welcome Gathering” at the beginning of each school year, which is a perfect time to mingle and get to know other students on campus. Our Hertiage and History month celebrations provide the opportunity to enhance and deepen students knowledge about issues that impact our communities through film and workshops. To find out more about the events that the CUE offers, please visit our events page or refer to the home page calender for the most current listing.

What services can your center provide for international students in order to help them with the transition to this new community?

The CUE Center supports the many campus initiatives at CU that support our international community.  We understand that cultural transitiions can be exciting and rewarding while also challenging at the same time.  Sometimes our students may feel overwhelmed, confused or not aware of who can be of help or service to them.  Our staff are here to help you sort through some of those feelings around transitions, navigate through CU, find important resources and connections, and talk with you about ways to get involved or be a part of the greater campus community.  Further, when situations occur that may need extra time to process or talk about, the CUE can help you sort through what is going on and let you know what resources are available to you.

An important department that is also helpful is the Office of International Education/ International Student and Scholar Services Office, located at the C4C in room S355, which is just down the hall from the CUE Center. To find out specifically what this office does, please visit