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First Generation Scholars Program

The First Generations Scholars Progam is a holistic program that includes student development, academic advising, support, leadership and community engagement opportunities for eligible grant recipients. This program serves over 730 students in all class standings and focuses on individualized support, guidance, and advocacy.  We work with each student in exploring their personal pathways for success and in maximizing their experience through a host of important opportunities, resources, and connections.  Students are welcomed into the program upon confirmation to CU and given assistance through to graduation. Students must fulfill program requirements, which are designed to foster individual academic excellence and community building through active participation in a variety of skills, social, and strategy building opportunities.  Students not awarded the First Generation grant can still access and utilize CUE resources and are very welcome in any of the programs, services, and offerings.  For more information on the Financial Aid requirements and eligibility parameters, please visit:


First Generation Scholars Program:
Justina Boyd, Coordinator, 303-492-7194

Office of Financial Aid/FGSP Liaison:
Crystal Patrick, First Generation Grant Liaison